In the selection of musical themes

Who hasn't downloaded a theme song from a game for their phone ringtone? And this drives us crazy, because we sing them even in the shower. Here are some musical themes for gamers and world music fans.

Music makes us play

For those who have already played Tomb-raider know by heart the music of Lara Croft with the notes that call for adventure and exploration with that furious desire to sink into a time of lost civilization. The music on this game is composed by Nathan MaCree. And we continue the selection with the sound on Metal Gear Solid. The sound of drums and percussion in this game immerses us in the context of this movie. A submarine war with constant action, these are epic moments that open us to a fascinating adventure of the marine military. The music is signed by Lydvig Forssell. And we leave in the adventure of Final Fantasy and its sweet prelude music that we called crystal time. It announces the beginning of a long and exciting adventure, with the guardians of the lights and the inner adventures of the world.

The selection for young people

In the first row, we name the song "Coeur de pirate" by Beatrice Martin that evokes lyrics piercing the heart. The song speaks of the seduction of a pirate man to a woman who remains elusive in his image. Then with foreign lyrics, we have "La Chica", a Spanish girl who just tore the selection of the Top 10 most listened to songs in the world. It is a song that tells the story that the synopsis of the movie "La Chica Salvaje" offers us. And we can't end this selection with "The Choum Brothers", a totally extraordinary work that lulls us back to the time of our childhood, and the comedy about our youthful foolishness.

When we love music, we appreciate the symphony that plays behind it, because we must not forget that being rocked by hundreds of musical instruments is a pleasure that we do not want to share with the whole world.